It has been brought to our attention that someone is selling copies of both our Gold Elite and 25th Anniversary Gold International belt large buckles--even leaving our name and logo/trademark on the back of it! This is a Federal Offense. These products are covered under Federal copyrights and now our B & K Trademark. Anyone who tells you otherwise is obviously doing so because they are stealing our products!

Competitors will tell you anything in order to sell their inferior knock offs of our items, so please feel free to come by our shop (by appointment only please) and we will be most happy to show you the copyright papers and our international trademark papers.

So, this person or persons selling any form of our Gold Belt is in violation of Federal Copyright/Trademark laws. If you purchase one of these illegal copies, please do not embarass yourself or further anger me by coming to me and expecting me to sell you the rest of the belt!

We are asking for someone to come forward with the name, address, and telephone # of the person responsible for these forgeries. Your name will be kept confidential, and your help would be gratefully appreciated!

Please remember, our prices are lower due to the ending of our licensing agreement with EPE--so why not get an original B & K instead of getting a second or third generation copy of our products? We look forward to working with you!
Butch Polston